Flames of Desire
April 4th - 7th, 2019 in Hudson Florida.

Trees of Avalon Gathering is proud to present Flames of Desire.

We are committed to serving our community of Pagans from all over. We believe that our children have the right to know our history so that they can pass it along to their future generations.

Main ritual is always the highlight of any festival. We are blessed to have Grey Ghosthawk leading our main ritual this turn of the wheel. As we come out of the Winter Shadows we have had time to dreams of those things we need and desire. We have also had time to learn of things that no longer serve our highest good. Now as we move into the time of Spring, it is time to manifest those things, and rid ourselves of all the negative. It is time to place our prayers into the FLAMES OF DESIRE.

TAG is pleased to announce the return of Treblehawk! They will be joining us on Friday night. The rumors are true, Treblehawk will not only be daybuing a new song or two, but he is bringing a surprise guest. We are told there is a big announcement being made as well.

We also have our amazing fire spinners. We cannot forget our drummers that play from their very soul. There is so much to do even for the kids. We have everything from workshops for them to Highland Games to movie night. Do not miss out. We will see you there.

We have classes for children, families, and adults.