Flames of the Ancestors
Nov. 2nd through Nov. 5th, 2017 in Hudson Florida.

Community of Many Inc. and Community of Consciousness are proud to announce Trees of Avalon Gathering presents Flames of the Ancestors Festival. A festival celebrating Samhain, the remembering and welcoming our ancestors.

Come and take part in a Viking Ritual hosted by Hrafnstong. Enjoy a true bardic circle around the fire with Mama Gina. Watch the amazing fire performers, Lady Darjuxena / MAD FLAMES FIRE team up with Fahrenheit 360. Take part in a community potluck. Everyone bring a cooked dish to share. Come and add your beat to our amazings drummers, Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe. Witness the drummers' ritual, as they bring in the sound to feed that flame, and allow the flame your soul, and the drums to feed your dance. Help bring it all together.

As a festival, we are committed to serving our community of Pagans from all over. We believe that our children deserve to receive our history of our past to continue our future. Our elders want to share their knowledge with all. We are looking to the future and making sure that the old ways are not lost to us. We are hosting a number of classes for children, families, and adults.

Early Bird Ticket are now on sale. Please check out the Registration Page.

Special Guests


Join us at the fire with Mama Gina for a wonderful bardic circle with a well-known bard.


Come to watch with Lady Darjuxena dance and spin fire. We will also be having our community meal. Everyone brings something to share with each other.

Main Ritual

Hrafnstong will be taking us through a Viking Ritual and during which, we will burn a viking ship taking messages to Valhalla

Through out the event

Enjoy many different classes of all levels.