Class Descriptions

Spidersong Flutes:I try to make a flute that is pleasing to both the ear and the eye. I work in a variety of woods poplar,pecan, cherry, mahogany,maple and walnut to name a few. The wood is mostly reclaimed and all were something else coffee tables, dressers, tree branches and pianos. I work with bone,horn and synthetic materials. I also carry a selection of sage,singing bowls and traveling didgeridoos More information please contact me at
- Native American Flute
The Native American flute has been reported to be the third oldest known musical instrument in the world. Native Flutes have been used for spirit calling ceremonies, powerful prayer ceremonies, courting and love songs. I will teach a beginning workshop for those just starting or just interested in the Native American flute. The workshop will cover the basics of playing a Native American flute including scales, fingering and some special techniques. How to care for your flute, what to look for when buying a flute and a bit of the history will also be discussed. Whether you own a flute or not you can attend. Flutes will be provided for use during the workshop. I will also talk about and show how to play some other world styled flutes.
- Native American Flute
Teaching the history and how to play for children of all ages.

Inawah Khan
-The Mysteries of Chanting. "As we chant the universe speaks to us in metaphoric images" In this class you will learn all about sacred chanting and sound healing along with the use of drum and rattle.
-Sacred Plant Medicines and Sacred Ceremony. In this class you will learn a overview of many plant medicine teachers and there use in ceremony and healing.

KC Allen
KC Allen is a fire artist and entertainer, originally hailing from Florida’s Nature Coast. Her greatest passion is helping others cultivate their fire, both physically and spiritually. She travels the country teaching flow and fire arts as meditative movement for personal use or to be used as performing arts. She is a firewalking facilitator trained by The Firewalking Center. As an anthropologist, she studied human-fire relationships through early archaeological evidence and through ethnographic work with fire-focused communities such as fire dancers and Burning Man communities. Her journey with fire began 8 years ago and she has walked with it for 6. She is generally in the business of helping people step outside their comfort zones, and for this, fire is an invaluable teacher.
-Fire Walking
Ever wanted to walk to Fire? Join us for a spiritual experience where you will help create the coals and build the energy before experiencing the walk.

Trees of Avalon Gathering
March 29th - April 1st, 2018
17100 Orwell Road, Hudson, Florida 34667

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