Gathering of Kith and Kin.

Donate to help us keep the festivals going and support the community. Below you will find gifts to go with your gift of support. All donations are tax deductible as we are a 501c3.

Donate and Receive a Gift

As some have heard Danielle Elovich was in an accident last night. She needs to get another car to be able to get to work. Danielle Elovich and James Elovich do a lot for our community from James running the wardens and Danielle heading up our kids Fae Field at TAG. We are wanting to help them as a community. All money donated goes to them. A special button has been set just for them. Remember that no gift is to small. Lets show them that they are loved by all of u.s

Want to just donate a different and receive the gift below the amount? Example: 30 and still get the bumper sticker here is where you can.