Robin Murphy-Ford

Robin Murphy-Ford (Macha) of Robin’s Mystic Insights & Metaphysical Services is a professional degreed musician & artist who has been in the metaphysical field as a Clairvoyant, Medium and Teacher since the 1970s. During the Festival she offers Readings & Medium Sessions at a discounted rate. For more info and an appointment please contact MysticRMF@aol or her at one of her workshops.

Melanie Schnell

Melanie Schnell, or to most people who know me MEL. I'm married with 5 cat children ages 5 to a few months old. I'm an eclectic Pagan Witch and love to learn new things all the time from other ideas and spiritual walks of life. I have currently found out that I am decedent of Vikings and from the clan of Ragnar Lodbrook who is my 38th great grandfather, hehe, imagine that huh. I've pretty much been an Earth child my whole life but didn’t finally find the path till later in my early 30. Growing up it was difficult to find mentors and I grew up in west Texas so being in the bible belt there weren’t a lot of Pagans out of the closet so to speak that I could find to learn from….I found ways to learn what I could and even for a short time left the path but ultimately Mother said hey, come home and I did…I am a huge fan and supporter of herbal healing and how to be well even in times of hardship…


Ayliah “Amber” Cannon has received training and ordination as a Druid Priest and has worked as an Interfaith minister. She has been practicing druidry for most of her adult life and she also identifies as a Heathen and witch. She has taught workshops in many different subjects and offers public rituals regularly. She has many different hobbies and interests and is dedicated to serving the Pagan community.


Spellbinding Sherry detests writing bios, preferring to spend her time stacking rocks and doing laundry. An eclectic Pagan Witch who works professionally in the esoteric arts, she is a reader, medium, healer, writer, artist, dancer and lover of clotheslines. At festivals, she is most reliably found intimately dancing with the sacred fire At festivals Sherry spends most of her nights dancing and raising energy around the sacred fire with the Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe, for whom she also carries the altar. Also, in the "she is a..." portion, please add teacher and presenter.