Trees of Avalon Gathering
November 1st - 4th, 2018
17100 Orwell Road, Hudson, Florida 34667
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Robin Murphy-Ford

Robin Murphy-Ford (Macha) of Robin's Mystic Insights & Metaphysical Services is a professional degreed musician & artist who has been in the metaphysical field as a Clairvoyant, Medium and Teacher since the 1970s. During the Festival she offers Readings & Medium Sessions at a discounted rate. For more info and an appointment please contact MysticRMF@aol or her at one of her workshops.


Spider FlutesI was introduced to fluting by a good friend of mine in the fall of 2005. He handed me a flute and showed me how to play it. I was skeptical at best because over the years I had tried repeatedly to be a musician to no avail. When I heard that sound coming from his flute and my flute at the same time, I was hooked. I started playing with the help of DVD and over a short period of time three to four weeks, the sound became better. I then decided to purchase a flute at a local Pow Wow and my collection of flutes began.I have been building flutes for the last nine years. I try to make a flute that is both pleasing to the eye and the ear. I have been conducting workshops at various festivals for the past seven years.


Kristen Fraser of Mystic Ash, is a 3* Gardnerian HPS who specializes in herbs and incense. As a member of the Church of Iron Oak, I was first introduced to herbs and incense in 2005. It was in 2007, under the instruction of HPS, Lady Moonfire where I learned more about the blending and harvesting herbs, along with their healing and magical properties. After working side by side for many years, I have accumulated a vast assortment of herbs that I love sharing with the community.

KC Allen

KC Allen is a fire artist and entertainer, originally hailing from Florida’s Nature Coast. Her greatest passion is helping others cultivate their fire, both physically and spiritually. She travels the country teaching flow and fire arts as meditative movement for personal use or to be used as performing arts. She is a firewalking facilitator trained by The Firewalking Center. As an anthropologist, she studied human-fire relationships through early archaeological evidence and through ethnographic work with fire-focused communities such as fire dancers and Burning Man communities. Her journey with fire began 8 years ago and she has walked with it for 6. She is generally in the business of helping people step outside their comfort zones, and for this, fire is an invaluable teacher.

Vanessa Morgan

Vanessa Morgan I've been making candles for years, off and on. I'd just like to share my experiences and knowledge.

Theresa Lutz

Theresa Lutz. I was first introduced to the craft 16 years ago and became a member of the Church of Iron Oak in 2005. I am a 3* Gardnerian HPS who studied herb lore under Lady Moonfire for 10 years. I am a mother, wife, software sales nerd, retired roller derby girl, and sassy Sagittarius who loves adventure and teaching others.

David Dzien

David Dzien Master Mason and Shriner for 5 years; Member of multiple ritual, Masonic education and membership development teams

Lady Epona

Lady Epona I have been a practicing Wiccan for nearly 30 years. I was initiated into the coven Dragon Sidhe in 1988 and in 1996 became a Dragon Sidhe HPS, with the blessings of Raymond Buckland. Although I've initiated multiple Dragon Sidhe members over the years, the majority of my practice has been solitary and with my ex-husband. I began studying herbal medicine and aromatherapy under the guidance a naturopathic MD in 1987, and am a certified Reiki Master. I established my own holistic nursing practice after graduating as a RN in 1998. I've worked as a professional tarot card reader and psychic, and I have attended and vended at numerous pagan/spiritual events including the renowned ACE sponsored Starwood Festival. In addition to the skills already mentioned, I am a proficient practitioner of Animal Magick, past life regression and various forms of scrying. Being totally enamored of all animals, it is little wonder that I have such a strong spiritual connection with them. My 20 years of experience as a behavioral health RN allows me to greatly support my clients with the experiences they have during their life journeys. My significant other and I share a Magickal life with a multitude of fur-children (horses, cats, dogs) and our scaley friends as well (snakes and a tortoise).

Sarah Wilson

Sarah Wilson Hi my name is Sarah. Long time attendee. First time presenter. Hope we can learn a lot from each other. The end.

Mary Scheidell

Mary Scheidell has been following an eclectic Pagan path for over 30 years. She has been a Reiki practitioner since 2013. An Empath Mary has been growing her abilities over the years, and has found a calling in helping other newly realized Empaths on their journey, and also with helping people accept and work through Life Transitions using Holistic methods

Elizabeth Ansel

Elizabeth Ansel Alchemy and tincture making

Danielle Elovich

Danielle Elovich My name is Danielle. I have been Co-Lead and Lead of Kid's Realm for almost all TAG Festivals. All the kids always have so much fun doing the many activities we offer, and there is always something for everyone.

Ines Jones

Ines Jones I have been doing crafts for as long as I can remember. It is one of the things I still do and enjoy teaching when I can.

Lady Druydess

Lady Druydess is a HPS and an ordained minister of the Rowan Grove, a 501(c) (3) Pagan Church and teacher. She is a Witch of Teutonic/Nordic ancestry who assimilates knowledge of ancient cultures into her everyday spiritual and magickal practice. Decades of Nursing has given her insight into the spirit and psyche of people who face crisis, the struggle to heal, and the sadness – and ultimate peace of death. Never content with the status quo, she endeavors to network in the Pagan community, bringing people together to share and learn. Personal studies and interests include; Spirituality and Religion, Teaching, Ancient Civilizations, Dancing, Breeding Arabian Horses, Writing, and Inciting Riots.