Gathering of Kith and Kin

Trees of Avalon Gathering
November 1st - 4th, 2018
17100 Orwell Road, Hudson, Florida 34667

Come and take part in a modern Samhain ritual with classical roots. In Welsh mythology the God Gwynne ap Nudd rides out at Samhain with His pack of hounds, their purpose is to reap the souls of all those who have passed during the previous year and escort them to Annwn, the underworld. What we will be doing, is making contact with the mighty dead in order to create a bridge between worlds through which our Seers can receive and convey any messages they receive and our ritual attendees can release any loved ones that have passed. This will be a participatory ritual, if you attend, you will be given something to do, if you can't sing, you can dance, if you can't dance, you can bang a drum, you don't have a drum, use a saucepan or two bits of wood. There will be lots of singing and dancing before, during, and after the ritual, and all of this will start with a joyful procession to the ritual site.