17100 Orwell Rd., Hudson, FL 34667
April 4th - 7th, 2019

We are a carry in carry out site.

This means if you bring it it must leave with you. We will have a few small trash cans in the area.


Trees of Avalon Gathering
Rules and Policies
All Attendees, Staff, Vendors, Headliners, and Entertainers must abide by and follow the following Rules and Policies while attending the Trees of Avalon Gathering.
1) The festival management and staff and all attendees must abide by all local, state, and federal laws.
2) This is a "Leave No Trace" event. Thus you must take out anything you bring in. This includes all garbage you create. Recycling containers for aluminum cans will be available on site.
3) The festival opens to attendees at 5pm Thursday and all attendees must be off property by 1pm on Sunday. Vendors will be allowed on site at 9am Thursday and must be off site by 5pm Sunday.
4) All attendees must wear their wristbands at all times. If lost, please get a new one issued to you at Registration right away.
5) Children under the age of 10 years may not go about unattended. A parent/guardian or sibling of at least 14 years of age must be within line of site and within 30 feet of a child at all times.
6) Skyclad: a. Skyclad is only allowed at Fire Circle during designated hours. b. Any adult attending Fire Circle during those hours must come to and leave the area legally clothed.
c. When Skyclad you must stay within the circle of benches around the Fire Circle.
d. Minors are not allowed at Fire Circle during Skyclad hours. Please check your minors into the Fae Field activity area or the Teen Fire area or leave them at your camp with a responsible adult.
7) Camping Assistance; We will have young people there to assist with setting up of tents for those that are in need of help. You must let us know.
8) Fire Circle Rules:
a. No Glass-only non-breakable containers are allowed in the Fire Circle area.
b. No Sharp Objects-please leave all athames, knives, etc. at your campsite.
c. Please observe all common community Fire/ Drum Circle rules such as not touching other people's property, no stepping on other's blankets, do not touch another's musical instruments or tools without permission, etc.
d. Be mindful of everyone's personal space.
e. Skyclad is from 10pm-1am Friday and Saturday only. Adults Only.
f. No Photography or Video at Fire Circle. We prefer you leave your phones at your camp.
g. This is a Sacred Fire; do NOT place ANYTHING in the fire for any reason without express permission from the head fire tender.
9) Cigarettes and Smoking/Vaping:
a. Smoking and yes, Vaping, can cause some people discomfort. Please be mindful of those around you and always stay at least 20ft away from workshop areas, fire circle, etc. while smoking/vaping.
b. Fieldstrip and police your butts and if possible carry a portable ashtray with you. c. Always dispose of your butts in your personal trash. 10) Photography: if you wish to take any photos or video with any device, including your phone, you must sign our Photography Waiver at Registration. You must get permission from any and all persons in your photo/video before posting online or in a public place.
11) Parking: a. Parking passes must be displayed on your dash on the driver''s side of the vehicle. b. You are allowed 30 minutes to unload your stuff near your campsite and then you must park in the parking lot before setting up your camp.
c. If you leave site during festival you will not be able to drive to your campsite, you must park in the parking lot and carry your supplies from there.
d. On Sunday you must pack up your campsite first before driving your vehicle over to load it up. e. Be mindful that you must keep your vehicles outside the tree line and may have to carry your supplies a fair distance. Please bring a wagon or something similar if you need assistance.
12) No Ground Fires: all fires must be in a fire pit with a screen cover. No unattended flames/fires/candles/etc. Guardians/Wardens/and Staff will put out any unattended flame.
13 ) No PETS: the only exception to this are fully trained service animals as per the ADA. No "in training" service animals will be allowed on site. We do request that service animals wear their vest while working for the safety of both the animal and owner.
14) Any questions/comments/issues/ emergencies-contact a staff member or a Guardian/Warden.
15) You may NOT sell alcohol nor may you sell a recipe or any item and give away alcohol for free with purchase. You must have a ATF license to do so.
16 ) No means No.
17) Generators: any generator used by attendees must be a "whisper" generator that has the EPA approval seal for no pollution or leaking.
18) Shenanagans: We all like to have fun and that fun can take many forms. Please be mindful of others personal space and do not remove or touch items on altars, inside tents, or in any sacred space.
19) Do Not Cross the taped off areas into the wetlands wildlife preserve.
20) All attendees and staff will be checked against the Florida State Sexual Offender and Predators database. No one registered on that database will be allowed on the property.
21) Festival and Church management reserves the right to refuse entry to anyone upon their discretion.
22) Anyone violating the above rules and policies may be asked to leave the site without a refund and management may call the authorities if deemed necessary.


Our site is surrounded by trees, and there is to be large pit for our fire and dancing. At this time we are not providing cabins, but We do have showers and bathrooms. This is on private land owned by the
For any more information regarding the site please email tagstaff@tagmeet.org