Class Descriptions

Becoming The Crone
A formal ritual to honor and embrace the wisdom and strength of the Crone. Honoring the transition we go through as we enter this part of our lives. Discussing the challenges and changing roles women go through spiritually as they transition from mother to crone drawing from experience that pushed me away from my community during that transition and the process of finding a new role in a new community in a different state

Becoming The Crone Croning Ritual
Women who are transitioning from Motherhood to Cronehood

Bubbles of fun
How to make a variety of soaps including melt and pour, cold process and hot process soaps

Write it out! Burn It Away!
Old wounds and resentments can be a very difficult obstacle on the road to happiness. This is a writing workshop very unlike any you have ever experienced and focuses on radical authenticity, personal responsibility and raw emotion. If you want it to be, it can be very self healing workshop.

So this is your first festival
Welcome to Trees of Avalon Gathering. This is a class about what we have and let us help answering any questions you might have.

Basic yoga & stretching
Want a wonderful start to your day? Come join us for basic yoga and stretching. Bring a mat, towel or blanket to layout.

Automatic Writing
A 101 of automatic writing where we write and draw and learn the basics of starting to work with automatic writing as divination work or just creative exercise.

Chakras 101
A 101 introduction to Chakras and Chakra work and features a Chakra and Aura meditation

Honoring your Ancestors
Do you miss those that have passed on to Summerland? In this workshop you will discover you can still maintain a relationship with your ancestors. We will discuss how and where to set up ancestor shrine/altar and how to honor And work with them.

Cave of the Dark Goddess
This guided meditation will begin with a Protection Circle of Hekate and also contains an element of Soul Retrieval. It can be enlightening, healing, and intense. It is intended for adults only please.

Dionysius and Eros the Sacred Rituals
This workshop will describe what the cult of Dionysius represents and how the invocation works. It was performed in March at pheonix phyre and turned out very well. Everyone is asked to participate and enjoy learning how what was done in ancient days is still being done today. Ritual will be performed in a casual setting and the workshop is two put into one so I recommend bringing a chair or blanket for comfort. We will also be sharing a bottle of Wine or mead so anyone under 21 will be provided with grape juice. Look forward to seeing you all there

Morning Frame Drum Meditation
Mama Gina will share how she uses the frame drum in her personal meditative practice. You'll get an opportunity to play a bit and sing and chant into the drum, and then we'll settle in for a brief meditation. If you have any kind of frame drum, please bring it!

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
Immerse yourself in the sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls. Relax and rejuvenate in this 45 minute sound bath.

Sound, Color and Breath a winning Combination
Learn how Color and Sound go hand in hand to change your vibration and lift your spirits. When you add in specific breath patterns, you can change your world! Come learn how.

Heathen Goddesses
Not just a Boy's Club; the Aspects of the Divine Feminine in Heathenry This workshop will cover the basics of the practices of Northern European Pagan beliefs and explore the vital role that the Divine Feminine plays in the spiritual life of Heathens both past and present. Ten various goddesses will be discussed. Each will be introduced, with samples of altars (ve), and their unique personalities and strengths will be explained as well as their individual inclinations to aid in majickal intentions specific to the practitioner.

The art of Tea Leaf Reading
This is a fun Workshop where you learn the history and the Art of reading tea leaves. Come drink some delicious tea in gorgeous tea cups then have your tea leaves read and read for others.

Past Life Regression
This guided past life regression will cover 3 past lives in which you celebrated the Spring Equinox. The reconnection and understanding gained through these 3 regressions will bring energy and insight into present celebrations and enrich any rituals you are involved with. Special anointing oil will be given to help you achieve this state and several gemstones to facilitate memories. The Gemstones can be used to continue your journeys after the workshop.

Discussing Scott Cunningham
Christine is in the process of writing a book about her brother Scott. Come share in her memories, ask questions, and learn what it was like to grow up as Scott's little sister. From family vacations to church choir, from their cabin in the Laguna Mountains and on to adventures as grownups, there was never a dull moment.

Leveling Up Your Life
We all have the same 24 hours in a day. So why do some people seem to get more done than others? Join Christine as she leads you through three different strategies that top performers use to break open your day and make the most of your time.


You can play flute and love it
Learn about how to not just play the flute but it's history. You will walk away from this workshop loving to play the flute

Trees of Avalon Gathering
October 31th - November 3rd, 2019
19600 SE 3rd Street, Silver Springs, Florida 34488