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You Can Play Flute and Love It.

The flute workshop is for those just starting out or anyone just interested in playing the Native American flute. The workshop will cover the basics of playing a native American flute including scales, fingering and some special techniques. How to care for your flute, what to look for when buying a flute. Whether you own a flute or not you can attend. Flutes will be provided for use during the workshop. I will also talk about and show how to play some world-styled flutes. If you have ten minutes a day you can play a flute.

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
Dru Ann Welch

Sound Healing meditation featuring the Crystal Singing Bowls

Color your World
Dru Ann Welch

Come have fun and learn how to heal your life with color therapy.

Journeying for Guides and Guidance
Carol Columbo

Discussion on Journeying basics, guided Journey to meet Guide and seek Individual Guidance, reflection/journaling, closing question/answer period

Ecstatic Dance – All Ages

Come and Join in for an hour of music and dance as we explore the freedom of movement of the body and the spirit in the safe space that our Ecstatic Dance workshop will provide. Greet the day slowly and gradually move into your energized self as you dance through the musical wave. All ages and mobilities are welcome. Reflect on the energy of the day and move into rhythms of the night as you dance through the musical wave. Adults only, please. All mobilities welcome.

Grandmother Turtle’s Wisdom Tales

Elspeth Odbert

Storytelling is the oldest art form in history. Before there was language, they were acted out in gestures. As time passed stories became the radio, newspapers, TV, and schools for the primitive tribes They still convey important lessons as well as great entertainment. Join Grandmother as she shares some traditional stories.

A Journey into Healing

Elspeth Odbert

This is a present life regression, a trance journey, deeper than an ordinary guided meditation. In this session, you will have the opportunity to come to a better understanding of some of the wounds in your past and to heal them.. Bring a pillow a mat of the blanket to lie on. You do not have to have experience beforehand 

Living in the Era of the Sixth Extinction

Elspeth Odbert

We are moving into a unique moment in human history. Pushed by necessity and pulled by opportunity, we are being challenged to grow up and build a meaningful world together” Duane Elgin – this session will look briefly at some of the “worst-case scenarios”, then spend more time on what and how we can institute change.

Runes Are Everywhere

Brian Morse

Beginning with a brief history and introduction to the Runes, Brian will then lead a volunteer and the class through a, “Runewalk”, which is a stroll through the area discovering what Runes show themselves to helps us complete the reading. Feedback is welcome as Brian is currently working on a book of the same name. Always fun for all.

Psychedelics and being human

Juju Munden

In this workshop, we will have a very casual discussion about psychedelics and how they can be used therapeutically and responsibly. Please come with an open mind, open heart, and of course respect.

Unconscious Magic: Or, why you should never call Dorothy Morrison a Bitch.

Murv Sellars

What happens when you take two touring Pagan authors, put them together at an event, mix well, and then just for a fun toss in an insane person with an insane problem? Well, if the authors are Dorothy Morrison and M. R. Sellars, they turn it into a workshop…
The legend of the Bobblehead Lady took place at a national gathering known as the Real Witches Ball in October of 2002. The story began
simply enough as a mere phone call to the organizer of the event, A. J. Drew. Little did anyone know that the call would spawn a series of incidents that have now gone down in the annals of Pagan festival history. The legend has now become its own workshop often presented by Sellars, and at times Morrison. But, whenever they do an event together, you are almost guaranteed to hear them both tell it “tag team style.”
As with any good story, this fish has grown. The incidents, unbelievable as they were to begin with, are now larger than life… But that’s okay. This is a legend, and that’s what’s supposed to happen. Still, the workshop teaches some important lessons as well as demonstrates the concept of “unconscious magick” in spades. We hope you learn something when you watch this, but even if you don’t, you should at the very least be entertained.

Merge With Caution: Stories from the road and Q&A

Murv Sellars

Humorous anecdotes and horror stories about what it is like to be on the road, touring, as a Pagan author with other notable pagan authors. This is also your chance to ask questions on just about any subject. Answers provided are NOT guaranteed to be true and maybe complete fabrications created in that moment. After all, Sellars IS a fiction writer.

Death – It’s not just a Tarot Card

Christine Ashworth

All those tarot decks. Oracle decks. Crystal collections. Your tools, your cloaks, your books, your sacred objects. Not to mention your home, car, bank accounts.

It’s the one topic no one wants to discuss, but it’s the one topic everyone will eventually face – death. What are the steps you should take now to ensure your family won’t go through confusion over your estate? There is much to consider, and the more you consider it now the better off your loved ones will be when the time comes.

I’m no lawyer, but I have had twelve people, close family, die in the past forty years. Some deaths were easier than others, and I have stories to share and wisdom to pass along. Won’t you join me?

Meditation for Everyone

Christine Ashworth

Anyone can meditate. It can be as simple as two minutes of breathwork, eyes open, or as detailed as a 45-minute body scan. In this workshop, I will share many forms of meditation, including moving meditation, that are suitable for most ages. Much of our time together will be spent in meditation, with discussions as well.

Ask Me Anything

Christine Ashworth

I’m here to answer your questions. Book related, writing-related, Tarot related. Ask me questions about my brother Scott Cunningham. Or about Ethony’s Awakened Soul Coven. Want me to pull a Tarot card for you? I’ll do that, too. Want to know how to bring your idea into clarity? We can do that. My personal favorite meditation apps? I’ve got you. Let’s dive deep and get to know one another.

Posie The Flower Pixie

Do you believe in Fairies? Come out and meet Posie the Flower Pixie and you will for sure! She has songs and stories and all kinds of mischief… umm… fun things planned for the wonderful Kids Of Avalon!!!


Ginger Ackley

Finding the magic in the music, EnCHANTica brings the chants and songs heard weekly on Facebook Live to you! Discover ways to add music to your daily life and magical workings to bring you closer to Spirit!

Automatic Writing 101

Eddie Presley

A beginner’s quick course on the fundamental skills of automatic writing. From doodles to writing to mediumship, this is a jump start into this fascinating style of divination.

Working with Elementals 101

Eddie Presley

A beginner’s place to start work with elementals as spiritual beings. While many in the craft see the elementals only as archetypes or good ideas, I work with them as actual spirit beings alongside fae and spirits of place. This workshop is a stepping stone to a larger walk with the elemental spirits that are often eager and ready to aid in a witch’s magickal practice.

Bardic Circle

Lord Alexian

Bring your songs, poetry, storytelling, drums, and dancing feet to share your self-expression with one another and the Gods!

I will also have a mini piano and pagan chants to teach.

Depending on the turn-out, this workshop will last 1 to 1.5 hours.

Appalachian Folk Magic

Byron Ballard

With its gnarly roots in the British Isles, the German Palatinate, and in indigenous American tribal practice, Appalachian folk magic is characterized by its hands-on and practical approach, as well as its use of available materials. Though it has come down to us through a Protestant Christians filter, this system is easily adapted to modern Pagan sensibilities.

In Search of Endarkenment

Byron Ballard

Sometimes our work or curiosity leads us to places we probably wouldn’t go if we thought about it for five seconds. Over the Borderlands and into the Realms? Standing in front of a Thing You Know Not Of? Not all things in the dark are to be feared nor all things in the light trusted. Come and learn some tricks of the trade.

Practical Ancestor Veneration

Byron Ballard

Do you dream you fly? Do you wake tired in the
morning from a full night of active dreamwork? We’ll work with the wild geese—the Gabble-ratchet—as we learn to travel the dreamscape and step out of ordinary time and into the realm of the ancient calendar, into the realm of the Ancestors. From Ancestor altars to grave decoration, this class explores the possibility of modern, heart-centered Ancestor veneration.