Workshops will be listed as they come in

You Can Play Flute and Love It.

The flute workshop is for those just starting out or anyone just interested in playing the Native American flute. The workshop will cover the basics of playing a native American flute including scales, fingering and some special techniques. How to care for your flute, what to look for when buying a flute. Whether you own a flute or not you can attend. Flutes will be provided for use during the workshop. I will also talk about and show how to play some world styled flutes. If you have ten minutes a day you can play a flute.

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
Dru Ann Welch

Sound Healing meditation featuring the Crystal Singing Bowls

Introduction to Sound Healing Frequencies
Dru Ann Welch

We are all frequency. Come learn about the science of sound healing and how sound and frequency can affect your life.

Journeying for Guides and Guidance
Carol Columbo

Discussion on Journeying basics, guided Journey to meet Guide and seek Individual Guidance, reflection/journaling, closing question/answer period

Sweat Lodge – Age Restricted
Grey Ghosthawk

Grey Ghousthawk has been on the Native American Spiritual path for the past 30 years. Having studied with numerous teachers from many tribal connections from North, South, Central America as well as Australia and New Zealand. Have been facilitating Sweat Lodges and other ceremonies for the past 20 years.

An ancient purification ritual used to cleanse oneself mind, body, soul and anything else that tags along. There is no charge for the ritual. The water pourer and fire tender have put out their energy to make the Lodge happen and a sharing of energy is traditional. This may be a tobacco offering or whatever a person is moved to offer. The Lodge is clothing optional if you choose to wear something it should be cotton or another breathable material. Alcohol should not be consumed 24 hours prior to the Lodge, and you should be well hydrated before entering. Bring a towel or something to sit on in the Lodge and anything you want blessed with the energy of the Lodge (medicine bags, sacred tools, jewelry, etc).

Learn how to receive messages from the spirit realm and record them by allowing them to flow through you and onto your paper without conscious thought.

Ecstatic Dance – All Ages
Eyes and Meren

Come and Join us in the Dining Hall at 7 am on Friday morning for an hour of music and dance as we explore the freedom of movement of the body and the spirit in the safe space that our Ecstatic Dance workshop will provide. Greet the day slowly and gradually move into your energized self as you dance through the musical wave. All ages and mobilities are welcome.
Come and join us in the Dining Hall at 9 pm (or directly after ritual) on Saturday night for an hour of music and dance as we explore the freedom of movement of the body and the spirit in the safe space that our Ecstatic Dance workshop will provide. Reflect on the energy of the day and move into rhythms of the night as you dance through the musical wave. Adults only, please. All mobilities welcome.

The historical, spiritual and practical ” how-to” guide for beginning Mead Makers. – Age-restricted
Jean Setarah

Jean Setarah is a practising Heathen and an avid brewer of Mead. She began making Mead 9 years ago as a spiritual practice to honour the Norse Gods. She is a member of the Dunedin Brewers Guild and regularly attends competitions and gatherings dedicated to the making and appreciation of Mead. Tom Fernee is a practicing Heathen and a brewer of Mead. He is an active participant of Orlando Pagan Pride and Orlando Pagans in the Park. He is a member of the Troth. The workshop will include an introduction on the history of Mead and will conclude with a demonstration on how to get started making mead at home. Adults 21 and over please.

Dancing With The Elements
Lisa Harmony

Lisa Harmony has been studying and practising energy healing and chakra balancing for over 20 years. She is a Reiki master practitioner, Licensed Massage Therapist and Registered Yoga Teacher.

This workshop is designed to teach dancers in the circle how to move and flow together around the fire in order to create a balance of energy using the elements of the earth, air, fire and water. In this dance, we honour each element by embodying its qualities as we move around the circle. In this way, we can learn to create balance in the circle as we move and dance with the elements. No previous dance experience is needed, this is a free form movement dance for all ages and levels of experience.

Dancing WiPlant medicines and other indigenous medicines – Age restricted.

Marci or Juju as we all call her, began her spiritual journey around 1995 and over the last year, her journey has expanded to include plant medicines. In 1987 Juju was honorably discharged after completing 6 years of service in the United States Navy. She went onto study and practice bodywork in 1994, getting her Reiki practitioner in 2003. As the universe continued to lead her down the healers’ path, she became a Licensed Practical Nurse in 2009. Her life is full of love of family which includes her 4 beautiful grown children, and she is constantly amazed by and learns from her four grandsons. She currently lives in Florida on 5 peaceful acres. She recently was in Peru studying Kambo medicine, which she shares at every opportunity. She loves moving forward and is enjoying learning and absorbing new things every day. Most of all she is grateful to be of service.

Plant medicines are a big part of the new paradigm shift. Come learn about some of these plant medicines as well as some other medicines given to us by Pachamama.

Much more to be announced.