Spring April 6 – 9, 2023 Workshops

Kiwanis Camp 19300 SE 3rd Street Silver Springs, Florida 34488

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Workshops will be listed as they come in.

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Dancing with Spiral Rhythm

Spiral Rhythm

Deepen your experience of the music with movement! We will sing and dance. We will share joy and laughter. We will embody the God and Goddess. We will ‘Rise Up’ with Spiral Rhythm in this workshop and at the concert! Bring a tambourine if you have one (some will be provided) or you can clap, wear bells, shake a shaker, etc. No experience necessary!

Chant Workshop and Song Exchange

Spiral Rhythm

Join members of Spiral Rhythm as we drum, chant, and sing some of our favorite pieces and encourage you to bring chants and songs you’d like others to learn. Bring your drums, shakers, and percussion instruments and together we will make musical magic!

Hillfolks Hoodoo: Appalachia’s Living Folk Magic Tradition

Byron Ballard

With its gnarly roots in the British Isles, the German Palatinate, and in indigenous American tribal practice, Appalachian folk magic is characterized by its hands-on and practical approach, as well as its use of available materials. Though it has come down to us through Protestant Christians’ filter, this system is easily adapted to modern Pagan sensibilities.

Willful Bane: the History, Techniques, and Ethics of Hexing

Byron Ballard

Willful Bane is about the ethics of banework, the history of it in Appalachian folk magic, plus lots of practical experience that includes dollies, sachets, vinegar, chicken feet, marshmallows, etc. We’ll dive into
history, legend, techniques, and–perhaps most important–ethics. Come learn about the joy of hex.

Tower Time—Birthing a New World (a Discussion)

Byron Ballard

Environmental and cultural challenges surround us and it is tempting to fall into despair or apathy. In this time of destruction, we can choose to live bigger, noisier, and more engaged lives. Creating activities and
putting protocols in place for and with our communities can lead to more resilience and stronger links in an increasingly isolated world. We’ll brainstorm what is already working in our local groups and consider how we move into this deepening time of possibility. By relocalizing everything we can, we will build resilience as well as a kind of hope.

You Can Play Flute and Love It.

The flute workshop is for those just starting out or anyone just interested in playing the Native American flute. The workshop will cover the basics of playing a native American flute including scales, fingering, and some special techniques. How to care for your flute, what to look for when buying a flute. Whether you own a flute or not you can attend. Flutes will be provided for use during the workshop. I will also talk about and show how to play some world-styled flutes. If you have ten minutes a day you can play the flute.

Sound Bath
Dru Ann Welch

Crystal singing bowls and chakra chimes

Chakra Harmonics
Dru Ann Welch

Learn the sounds, notes, and concepts you can use to bring your chakra system (and your body) into balance and harmony. When you balance your energy your life flows into balance let me teach you how!

Altars 101


We’ll discuss the where’s and why’s of the elements and their placement on the altar. We’ll discuss suggestions of what items go with a particular element. The class will build a simple altar, which will go to the Guardian raffle.

The Art of Tea Leaf Reading

Robin Murphy-Ford

This is a fun Workshop where you learn the history and the Art of reading tea leaves. Come drink some delicious tea in gorgeous tea cups then have your tea leaves read and read for others.

Invoking the Faeries

Robin Murphy-Ford

Faeries are all about. This Workshop will be calling on good faeries, the light fairies, to come to us. Each of us will be making an inviting patch of enticements using gem Stones, faery invoking oil, sweets, mead, sparkles, and other niceties. Come meet a faery or faeries that decide to join us.

Frame Drum Meditation Techniques

Mama Gina

Frame Drum Meditation: Mama Gina will share how she uses the frame drum in her personal meditative practice. She will discuss specific techniques of singing and chanting into the drum. And she will share some of her music inspired by the drum. No experience is required. If you have a frame drum, please feel free to bring it to the online discussion.

Day 1. Byzantine bracelet making

Cara McDaniel

A chance to make yourself a chainmail bracelet from the opening of rings to the finished project. It will cost 25.00 without the purchase of Plyers. The tools will be on loan to make these. Each Kit will contain enough rings to make the bracelet and also there will be instructions as well as teachers on hand.

Day 2 Barrel weave bracelet making

Cara McDaniel

Learning how to make your own Barrel woven bracelet. It will cost 25.00 without the purchase of Plyers. The tools will be on loan to make these. Each Kit will contain enough rings to make the bracelet and also there will be instructions as well as teachers on hand.

Shamanic drum journeying \sound bath

Kurt Drey aka Michael Drum

ReDiscover your personal innate wisdom of your inner child, animal, and Spirit guides and divine connection within. We play hoop medicine drum primarily to drum over and around you. Laying on your mat for 20 minutes and after we interpret the symbology imagery and related feelings of this spiritual experience. Didgeridoo-crystal bowls-rattles are also used in this sound bath.