Spring April 6 – 9, 2023 Workshops

Kiwanis Camp 19300 SE 3rd Street Silver Springs, Florida 34488

If there are any questions or concerns please email us at tagstaff@tagmeet.org

Workshops will be listed as they come in.

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You Can Play Flute and Love It.

The flute workshop is for those just starting out or anyone just interested in playing the Native American flute. The workshop will cover the basics of playing a native American flute including scales, fingering, and some special techniques. How to care for your flute, what to look for when buying a flute. Whether you own a flute or not you can attend. Flutes will be provided for use during the workshop. I will also talk about and show how to play some world-styled flutes. If you have ten minutes a day you can play the flute.

Crystal Bowl Sound Bath
Dru Ann Welch

Sound Healing meditation featuring the Crystal Singing Bowls

Color your World
Dru Ann Welch

Come have fun and learn how to heal your life with color therapy.

Psychedelics and being human

Juju Munden

In this workshop, we will have a very casual discussion about psychedelics and how they can be used therapeutically and responsibly. Please come with an open mind, open heart, and of course respect.

Robin Murphy-Ford

Robin Murphy-Ford

Poppet Magick

Thundar Smith

There is not enough time in the day and we all know how hard it can be to get even the small things done. What if you could create your own “mini-me” to help with the load?  Trouble focusing? There’s a Poppet for that. Need a Job? There’s a Poppet for that. Need a situation monitored? There’s a Poppet for that. Poppets are one of the oldest forms of sympathetic Magick used today.

Poppets will be made during this workshop! Some craft materials will be available from Lady Thundar’s personal Witch Closet, however, variety and quantity are limited. Bringing your own craft items is encouraged. Join Lady Thundar while she shows you how it is done!