Samhain November 2 – 5, 2023 Headliners

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Christine Ashworth

Krista Chapman Green

A native Texan, I finally found my forever home thirteen years ago in the foothills of Arkansas. With that move, a huge shift started within me that there was no escaping. I am thankful for those changes every day.

As a long time solitary practitioner of a nature-based eclectic path, I found the healing spaces and places that fit the pieces of my soul back together, like a puzzle. My two greatest loves, writing and music, began to flow together in the perpetual beauty of this place that is now home to my heart.

I often picture the history of my life like a shattered mirror, and my songs are the stories of every broken shard. Every memory is one glinting piece of the whole, and like a kaleidoscope, all those broken pieces have been rearranged, creating beauty as the light shines through. My life and the lives of so many others that have touched me along the way are hidden here in the words and melodies of my songs. Stories of hope, despair, joy and love, with Those I follow and Those I am still learning so much about.

Thank you for joining me on my journey, may you find comfort and laughter, strength and even tears in my songs, stories from a wandering heart.

“And now, all I see are uncounted eyes,
Looking back at me, and they show no surprise”

Along with nineteen other bands and artists, Krista Chapman Green has added her own voice to the upcoming release of The Red Album: Pagan Voices for Reproductive Rights. When discussing her song Pull the Parachutes she said; “How easily we have forgotten the strength of the Goddess and all those under her eyes. We have slowly allowed the world to become a more and more hostile environment to women in general. Eventually something will have to give.”

Robin Murphy-Ford

Robin Murphy-Ford of Robin’s Mystic Insights & Metaphysical Services is a professional degree musician & artist who has been in the metaphysical field as a Psychic/Medium and Teacher since the 1970s. She has given various workshops for TAG in the past and other Pagan Festivals.

Louis Garou

Raised in the shadows of Appalachia, singer/songwriter/guitarist Louis Garou has practiced the Craft for over fifty years while also conjuring his Dark Americana music. A farmer and poet, Garou weave tales of Goddesses, Love and Death, revenge, and dark nights of the soul into music that blends folk, rural blues, and backwoods bardic traditions.

In such songs as “Rise Up Lilith,” “Queen of Wolves” and “Pleasure in the Pain,” he sings of people haunted and alone . . . of people best left alone, and beings who are not quite . . . people.

Rick de Yampert, a former rock music writer for the Tennessean in Nashville and former arts and pop culture writer for, says of Garou: “As poet Khalil Gibran, mystic philosopher Alan Watts, and others say — light and dark must always dance together. But too often people dread dancing in, or even near, the shadows. Fortunately, we have Louis Garou, that Dark Americana bard, who dares to peek . . . no, to stare intensely into the abyss and sing about what he has seen . . . the abyss where the wolves and obsessive passions of our human psyches reside, and where the necessary shadows of the Goddesses and Gods beckon to us, too.

“Now she’s gettin’ no rest, she failed the pregnancy test.
How’s she gonna care for a little child?
She can barely feed herself, No food’s left on the shelf.
Frustration makes her rage and scream and cry.”

Written to add another step to the ladder of outrage that is The Red Album: Pagan Voices for Reproductive Rights, Louis’s dark track is the story of a young woman suffocated by her pregnancy and desperation, with no legal way out of having her life cruelly stolen… Because of a lack of choice… Because her bodily autonomy was legislated out of existence. Like many other impoverished women, she chose death rather than a life of slavery to biology. There are no winners in this race.

An excellent interview with Louis was published on The Wild Hunt, which you can read here. In this video, Mama Gina chatted with Louis about the creative process–well worth watching! He also performs regularly at pagan festivals and events.

Louis Garou on the web

Dru Ann Welch

Dru Ann Welch has 15+ years of experience in the fields of sound and energy healing. She is the founder of the FEAR to LOVE Process. She is Reiki Master/Teacher, Author, and Motivational Speaker.

Dru Ann is the author of 11 books, creator of 2 oracle decks, and the performing artist on 4 CDs. Dru Ann was featured as one of the Thought Leaders in Tedx Speaker Corey Poirier’s books, Enlightened Becoming the Best Version of You in 5 Easy Steps and The Book of WHY (And How). Additionally, she is a contributor to The Good Witch’s Guide.

Her musings in the form of quotes, blogs, and articles have been featured in The Wellness Universe, Circle Magazine ( Imbolc Issue 119/pg 42) The Spirit Ezine (May 2015), and on the PBN News Network.

Meren King

“Meren Edna Marie King is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist presently making Music in Ocala, Florida, USA.

Born in Long Beach, California, Meren has been a traveler most of her life. From the West Coast to the East Coast and every US State in-between, Meren accompanied her parents as they worked with traveling circuses and sideshows during the first three years of her life, and then as a teen searching for her kith and kin she traveled even more extensively, and as an adult reaching into Canada and even across the pond to Europe.

Meren has been a part of the Pagan communities in most of the places she has lived and says that her faith contains a little bit of everything that she has seen and heard and read and experienced. Following no particular pathway or religion, her church is the wild places of the world, and her deities are all around her. Believing that we are all Energy, and everything is a part of everything else, she brings this sensibility to her music and stories, sharing her perspectives and beliefs with the world.

Music and dance have always been a part of Meren’s life, although it is just within the last 15 years that she has really pursued music as her Lifepath. With Phambly across the Globe and with many worldwide musical influences, Meren’s songs and stories show you what is most dear to her heart: her Phambly, her Faith, and her Hopes for Our World.

From Folk to Blues to World Beat and more, the songs she sings and the stories she tells will take you on a journey of the mind and heart. Come on along and join her on her adventures across this twirling Earth.

Meren King is the Musical Coordinator for Trees of Avalon Gather