Community of Many Inc Presents

Kiwanis Camp 19300 SE 3rd Street Silver Springs, Florida 34488

Due to unforeseen


that are

out of the BOD’s control,

we have

decided to cancel TAG

Walk Between the

Worlds. We are deeply

saddened that we

must do so.

We will be back in 2025

with Wendy Rule

and Grandmother Elspeth!

We hope you

will give us time to

restructure, so we can

give you a festival you

deserve.Below are

some great festivals

and gatherings that

will be happening this

Samhain season:

Community of Consciousness

PSL Witches and Pagans

Oct 28-29th

We love you all so very

much and cannot

wait to see and celebrate

with you soon.

If there are any questions

or concerns please email us at

Or call 321-474-4256


Album cover for The Red Album, a pagan music project raising money for abortion access

The Red Album

We’re pagan, we’re pro-choice and we’re proud.

Nineteen pagan bands and artists have joined together to raise money for abortion access for everyone, everywhere in America.

S. J. Tucker * Mama Gina * Crow Women * Alexander James Adams * Mr. E * Meren King * Spiral Rhythm * Celia Farran * Spellsinger * Ginger Ackley * Pan Fried * Krista Chapman Green * Alexian * Brian Henke * Primal Rhythm * Louis Garou * Kira Lang * Sydney Michael * Richard Anthony Williamson

We recorded our songs on our own time and on our own dime. With the help of generous donors to our gofundme campaign for the album as a whole, and those who sponsored individual tracks, we now have the funds we need to produce and promote the album. Thank you to all who contributed!

Community of