Presenters Spring April 6 – 9, 2023

Kiwanis Camp 19300 SE 3rd Street Silver Springs, Florida 34488

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We are blessed to have workshops from the following:


I was introduced to fluting by a good friend of mine in the fall of 2005. He handed me a flute and showed me how to play it. I was skeptical at best because over the years I had tried repeatedly to be a musician to no avail. When I heard that sound coming from his flute and my flute at the same time, I was hooked. I have been building flutes for the past sixteen years. I try to make a flute that is both pleasing to the eye and the ear. I have been conducting workshops at various festivals for the past fifteen years.

Meren King

Meren King is a singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist out of Ocala, Florida. Her originals and covers share what is most dear to her heart – her family, her faith, and her passions. From folk to blues to rock and roll, the songs she sings and the stories she tells will take you on a journey of the mind and heart.

Katherine Smith

Lady Thundar is a retired Elder of the Church of Iron Oak and a practicing Witch and Priestess of Sekhmet for over 26 years. She takes a pragmatic approach to the craft and finds Magick in everyday items we all have in our homes. Everything from potatoes to ribbons is her magical tool and all she needs is her imagination or a little help from her friends to practice her craft every day. Thundar is best known for being the Staff and Special Guest Hearth Mother and eventual Festival Coordinator of the Florida Pagan Gathering.

Marci Munden

I am Juju. I have been working with Plant and Indigenous medicines (not just psychedelics) since 2018 as both one that partakes and in a medical/nursing capacity. Having dealt with PTSD and depression from childhood traumas, suicidal ideations brought me to the edge numerous times but Psychedelic therapy changed everything. That along with inner child work and constant integration has led me to where I am now. I have a podcast where these topics are addressed weekly, in addition to spirituality, being human, and how it all ties together.
I’ve been on some sort of alternative spiritual path for about 30 years.


Mystral has been a practicing witch for over 35 years and is a respected Elder in her community. She has run Spiritual Festivals for over 20 years and is a Founder of the Trees of Avalon Gathering. Mystral has a thirst for knowledge which has led her to study numerous spiritual paths and religions including Witchcraft, Hellenic Neo-Paganism, Wicca, Christianity, Spirituality, and Voodoo. You can book a reading with her via her website at

Serendipity Wyrd

Serendipity Wyrd (they/them) is a neurodivergent, intuitive, witchy weirdo driven by their spark of chaos & insight to create magic by encouraging playful curiosity through ritual and sacred space. A firm believer in radical acceptance and the power of shadow work, Serendipity challenges you to evolve into your favorite version of yourself. Divination, self-exploration, and creativity form the foundation of their praxis and their teachings. Serendipity is the Founder & Visionary of the Wyrd Sanctuary ~ an online place for weirdos, witches, misfits, and rebels to gather & explore their Selves, Shadows, and Spirits. Learn more at

River Lee Aveta Cloum