Trees of Avalon Gathering
April 4th - 7th, 2019
17100 Orwell Road, Hudson, Florida 34667


They asked a stranger what a Treblehawk show was like,
The stranger sighed, smiled, took a deep breath and said,
"It's drinking moonlight on the top of a mountain.
It's taking a bath of sunlight on a desolate island,
It's running until you are breathless in the early morning fog,
It's dancing naked in the rain at midnight"

Brian Morse and Valerie Macri, and often, many musical guests, weave a tapestry of music, magic, and emotion with voice with guitar, mandolin, piano and percussion. Labeled by indie radio stations as, "Tribal Blues", Treblehawk is so much more. They capture the sound of tears falling in the river, the smile of a dog, the weeping of trees in a forgotten forest, the heartbeat from a mothers belly.

Weather it is one of their innumerable original compositions, or their spin of current or past favorite, Treblehawk puts music to the longing in your soul and gives emotion a melody

Drummers from all over Florida
Shiny Happy People Drum Tribe

We will be hosting drummers from throughout the drumming community.