Who wants Vendors??
We want Vendors!

Trees of Avalon Gathering
November 4 - 7, 2021
19300 SE 3rd Street, Silver Springs, Florida 34488
Vendors get on site starting at 8 am on Thursday. We have limited space to have your RV behind your booth RESERVE EARLY!

Mid Samhain 2021 Registration is will be opening soon

The following are a few of the vendors that will be at TAG

Little Green Grove
Magickal Massage by BeBe
Coexisting Life
The Muffin Man
Briar Rose
Peace, Love & Rocks
Crystal Bowl Sound Healing
Twin Ravens Apothecary
Spidersong Flutes
Willows Earthly Magic
Carol Colombo
Nightbird's Journey
Whispered Tales and Forgotten Dreams
Odds and Ends
Staff Booth
Headliner Authors' Booths
J. P. Craft

Registration will be opened for that event on April 15th, 2021